You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’

George Bernard Shaw

Where do I come from?

I come from a land that is in a constant state of flux. The chaos and the confusion taught me to live with change and embrace change in everything I do. It keeps me in check, keeps me against the wall,  fuels me to push forward every moment of every day.

What do I do?

I inspire desire! Through the sheer power of presentation and imagery I aim to invoke excitement and passion for an experience. Behind it maybe a product, a service, a moment. It doesn’t matter. Anything that exists can be personified, brought to life, can evoke an emotion and eventually drive behaviour.

People like me are called by many names:

  • Brand Strategists
  • Account Planners 
  • Insight Miners
  • Idea Nurturers
  • New Biz Hunters
  • Team Builders

In my own way I believe I am making the world a better place through the power of an idea. To do what I do best I see myself in the company of the “Mad Men” of our world, be they in the world of advertising, branding or marketing. Anyone of these worlds are enough for me to fuel my passion and inspire change.