“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

Mahatma Gandhi

What makes me different?

It’s been 6 years since I last updated this section. What I wrote back then no longer reflects who I am today. After having spent nearly 15 years in branding and advertising I can say that what makes me different from others around me is my ability to adapt! It’s probably because I have seen a lot of b*****t (haven’t we all?) but somehow I have found a way to filter through it and move on. I feel most people struggle with change, struggle to live with things they cannot control. For some reason that doesn’t bother me. I can easily separate the unchangeable from the stuff that can be actioned upon. In the process I adapt new tools, new ideas and new people. I mean all kinds of people! It helps to get on top of things faster, to think clearly and move forward! All praise to God!

What am I good at (or at least I think I am)?

Getting the job done no matter what it takes! Earlier in my work life it was about me working alone, burning the midnight oil to meet that deadline. Now it’s about my team, my peers, and my partners. Energising them all forward and enabling them to deliver together is what I do. 

Going forward I want to be known for just three things: Leadership, Branding and Technology. However my journey to this point in my career is enriched with more than just that. Some of those areas are:

    • Colas, Teas, Juices and Milk (and a whole lot of other beverages)
    • Household Care to Personal Care (mainly Unilever and Henkel)
    • Technology and Telecom (I think I am quite good at this!)
    • Food stuffs ( Nestle, Knorr, Frito-Lays, Best Foods, Walls and many more!)
    • Automotive & Aviation  (VW, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Emirates)
    • Media (BBC mainly and some others!)
    • Commodities (Sugar and Rice mainly!)
    • Real Estate (Emaar and a bunch of others!)
    • Service (Hotels and Resorts)
    • Industrial (Oil Marketing, Cable, Cement etc.)
    • Government Stuff (Health, Tax, National ID)

Till about a year ago I was all about ideas and creativity – the process, writing briefs, developing strategies, thinking 360, working with creative teams to develop creative concepts and so on! Working on the client side (or shall I say the dark side) it’s been less about that. It’s hard enough aligning diverse people on the simplest of ideas and getting them to action. Taking those ideation trips has become more of a leisure activity. 

What do I suck at?

This is another area that has largely evolved in the last 6 years. You would expect by this time one would probably get good at those things one is bad at. I realized I suck at even bigger things now! One of them is politics. Call me a simpleton or a loser when it comes to navigating agendas but the truth is I simply can’t handle it rather I choose not to handle it! In fact I am happy sucking at it!